I wanted to have a best profile picture of mine in my social network and approached Bramara, an Image consultant, on this regard. After quizzing me a while on my business, my interests, etc., she did a quick make up on me and I guess that enhanced my face to reflect my professional look. My new profile immediately got huge likes and more attention to my messages and posts.

Mrs. Kalpana, Independent Consultant, Tupperware, Amway and Oriflame

All thanks to Bramara, I am a new version of myself. Earlier I would hate to get ready, but now I take special interest in my appearance and looks. She does a complete analysis about your body type/skin type/life style to suit your profile is just commendable. The makeup and the wardrobe tips were really good. I was a no accessories person. But now I love experimenting with them. After my image consultation session, lot of people have complemented me on my looks. That’s a new boost to my ego. 🙂 Keep up the good work.

Ms. Deepa, Associate, Cognizant Solutions

Ms. Bramara was constructive, supportive and encouraging. She offered clear guidance and opinions to, make sure that I made the best selections. The sessions were conducted with at most professionalism. I feel like a whole new person. Or rather, I feel like I am finally dressing as I always wanted to, and feel fabulous in my own skin and in the world.

Mr. Jayakeerthy, Project leader, Span Info systems