Why Image Consulting

What are First Impressions?

We are Visual Creatures, and we all make these instant judgements when we meet others, whether we are conscious of them or not.

First impressions are impressions that strangers form of you in their mind within the first 3 to 5 seconds of meeting you based on the Image projected by You. It is like judging the book by its cover.

Clothing, Grooming, Body language including etiquette and Vocal communication are the four elements that can help create positive first impressions. When used judiciously, they help you project the right image and thereby create powerful first impressions.


What is Image?

Image is “YOU” in the eyes and minds of others. Image is another word for Appearance.

Image is all that an individual project consciously or unconsciously—the way you look, care for, and carry yourself, your personal style, poise, and presence. It’s part of who you are.


What is Image management?

Image Management is the art and science of consistently projecting an appropriate and powerful image.

Image management is all about developing your Inner strengths (Soft Skills) and at the same time reflecting them on the outside through your appearance (Image management).

Image Management is the combined expertise in the individual elements of Image- Clothing, Grooming, Fashion, Soft skills, Etiquette, Body language and Vocal Communication.


What are Soft skills?

Soft skills are a person’s Emotional Quotient (EQ). Comprising communication skills, self-management skills, leadership and interpersonal skills, they also include personal habits, friendliness, optimism and other similar traits. If we use a broad and relevant definition, they include the way you present yourself, your vocal and verbal communication skills, body language, etiquette, your emotional intelligence and empathy, stress and time management. They also include effective team management and leadership skills, your ability to negotiate well and your coaching skills too. In the end, soft skills are the behavioural tendencies that have a great bearing on how well people get along with others, convince teams of their viewpoint, and conduct successful negotiations and lead teams and organizations effectively. They are the Emotional Quotient that enables a person to form relationships with others and manage their business, personal and social lives successfully and meet their goals. Success is 15% Hard Skills and 85% Soft skills. Soft skills give you that winning edge to move ahead in Personal, Professional and Social lives.


What Image management does?

Image Management teaches us to optimally use Clothing, Grooming, Etiquette, Body Language, Verbal & Vocal Communication skills to maximize our impact on others. So that long after a personal, professional or social meeting is over, we are still remembered and recalled with admiration and purpose.

Each person is unique. Image Management takes a person’s personal style, enhances strengths, downplays weaknesses and makes optimum use of resources.

Image management combines all aspects of the person – inner self, characteristics, goals, outer environment, differing roles and occasions when working towards achieving the appropriate image.


Why Image management?

“The way you look directly affects, the way you think, the way you feel, the way you speak, the way you act or behave, and then the way others react or respond to you.” – Judith Rasband

Image management works for people who are looking for enhancing their Visual Communication through Dressing, Grooming, identifying their Personal Style through appropriate and confident Body Language. Image Management also advances to Personal Branding, Business, Corporate and Dining Etiquette. These skills help in creating a positive First and Lasting Impression first on you and then on everyone around you.

IMAGE IS INSIDE OUT; YOUR VALUES REFLECT YOUR ATTITUDE and the other way around. The way you conduct and carry yourself, also reflects how much you care for people around you.


What is Image Consulting?

Image consulting is all about helping people to create and enhance their self – presentation for personal or professional roles. It is all about educating people to create a positive first and lasting impression in public and personal places, empowering them to function at a higher level of Confidence, Capability, Credibility and productivity; enabling them to live happier, more meaningful and successful lives.


Who is an Image Consultant? What does an Image Consultant do?

An Image Consultant is a man or woman who counsels and advises clients regarding appearance and behaviour as it relates to communication—communication to self and others for creating an authentic, appropriate, attractive, and affordable Image.

Image Consultants advice regarding Dress, Grooming and Body language including manners and etiquette. Image consultants offer the kind of advice that can help clients land a job, keep a job, secure a promotion, find a mate, get elected, or just feel better about themselves.

Image consultant personally mentors and monitors the progress of client. Image consultant guides clients on what works, what doesn’t and Why, so that clients can clearly establish why certain things made them uncomfortable. Image Evaluation through different sessions also help them to understand themselves better.


Who needs Image Management?

Image Management is for everyone who feel that their existence matters. Be it an entry level, aspiring for promotion in the Corporate world, or a student, jobseeker, mother, homemaker or if your life is going through any kind of a change. Image Consultant helps in facilitating that change smoothly.

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Jobseekers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Home makers
  • Doctors
  • Professionals
  • Career women
  • Would be Brides and Grooms
  • Companies
  • Politicians
  • Jobseekers or those seeking entry into the work outside home.
  • Senior Managers and Managers
  • Newly promoted Managers or those seeking promotion
  • Service Industry Professionals
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • Customer Care Professionals
  • Front Line Employees who interact with customers, colleagues & seniors
  • Supervisors who interact with customers, juniors and seniors
  • For those shifting from one culture to another (from town to city or to different country)


What are the benefits of Image Management?

  • Improves and enhances your employee image
  • Increases inter-personal relationship between employees and clients
  • Enhances team work
  • Achieve higher productivity
  • Project matchless professionalism
  • Enhances employee confidence and competence
  • Students will be well prepared for the corporate life
  • Jobseekers get better opportunity chances of getting recruited are more.
  • Women looking for second career are well prepared with increased self-confidence and skills
  • Enhances confidence and self-esteem for home makers.
  • Enhances personal brand of business owners.